Dfs migration

Dfs migration

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Jun 04, 2014 · Content freshness is a fairly key concept in the life of an Active Directory/DFS guru. Most of us have seen this in action with AD replication, for example. If two DC's aren't replicating then at best the AD objects & attributes are out of sync and at worst replication will shut down completely when the…

Standalone DFS Migration: Migrate Standalone DFS from source server to destination server. e.g TESTW0001 to TESTW0002

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Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP2 Distributed File Services Administration Guide May 2020 For a potential customer we have to migrate 130TB of NAS data with 9000+ DFS links. About 98% is CIFS and 2% is NFS. They are now using a EMC Celera with EMC DX as back end storage. The customer now has a 600GB limit per DFS link they want to decrease the amount of shares and increase the size of the shares (volumes) to at least 2 or 4 TB.

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In Server Manager click Tools à DFS Management. Right click Replication and select New Replication Group. In the Replication Group Type window, select Multipurpose Replication and click Next. In the Name and Domain window: Name: UserInfoRepGroup. Click Next. In the Replication Group Members window, click Add and add in both servers. Click Next DFS and Windows Server Infrastructure DFS (Distributed File System) is a Windows Server feature that allows System Administrators to create a single namespace to provide a replicated sharing infrastructure across the network. DFS is a part of the Windows server infrastructure with the following components.

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